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Fort Seward Wagon Train, Acrylic

Judging Art Shows

Birdlady, Acrylic

Lake Region Arts Festival

Workshops for kids & adults

Jennifer N. Parker
Artist - to present

Most creative time is spent in my art studio at home on the family farm. I'm thankful for being a part of God's master canvas. It allows me to try new things and continually grow as an artist.

A few things I do....

  • Painting (various mediums)- Portraits, Pet Portraits, Animals, Surreal works, landscapes, etc.
  • Murals
  • Graphic Design
  • Workshops/Classes
  • Airbrushing
  • Face Painting
  • Pottery
    Dabble in:
  • Welding
  • Cold Wax
  • Book Binding

- 2022 Black Hills Plein Air Competition
- 2022 Art Festival Coordinator for Lake Region Arts Festival, Devils Lake Heritage Center
- 2022 Pekin Days Art Show
- 2022 Judge for Cando Arts Council Student Art Show
2022 - NCAC Winter Art Auction Donation for Kids Art Camp in Stump Lake ND
2022 - Watercolor at the NDHSA 2 sessions
- 2022 Art Show Coordinator for NDHSA (North Dakota Homesschool Association)
- 2021 Lake Region Arts Festival Coordinator
- 2021 Teaching International Music Camp Online Classes
- 2021 Judging 2021 Jr. Duck Stamp Art Competition
- 2021 NCAC Art Auction Donation
- 2020 Helping coordinate the Lake Region Arts Festival in Devils Lake, ND for June 18,19 2021
- 2020 Collaborated with the Lake Region Heritage Center and put on an art show.
- 2020 Art for Life (painted nursing home windows)
- 2020 International Music Camp Painting Instructor (was canceled due to covid)
2020 Virtual Art Show ACC in Bismarck
- 2020 NCAC Winter Art Auction entry for Stump Lake Fine Arts Youth Camp fundraiser
- 2020 Crow Show (Spirit Room Fargo ND)
- 2020 NDHSA Student Art Show Director
- 2020 Lake Region Homeschool Art Classes
- Th Arts Center, Jamestown ND, 55th Annual Art Show
- 2019 International Music Camp (Peace Gardens) Painting Instructor for Sessions 6&7
- Pekin Days Art Show 2019
- Alerus Center, Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks ND
- Painting Workshops for Devils Lake Chautauqua- 2019.
- Painting Workshop McVille 2019
- Art for Life Artist 2019 - North Dakota Council on the Arts
- North Dakota Museum of Art One Week Only Show 2019 - sold
- Judge Jamestown Art Center September 2018
- Judged 4H Art 2018
- Many commissioned pieces
- Various awards in shows - HM 2018,
- Executive ART Director of Nelson County Arts Council - Many duties from Grants, book work, set design, printings, mailings, designing, Art Camp, Play Director, setting up art and music events, donated various artworks in winter art auction fund-raisers
- 2018 Painting Lakota Library
- Painting Sets For Nelson County Arts Council - Nine plus years
- North Dakota Museum of Art One Week only show - sold
- Judged Student Art Show May 2017 in Lakota, ND
- Judged Cankdeska Cikana Community College Art Show
- City Mural for Lakota - Good Samaritan 2017
- Judged 4H Art 2017
- Nelson County Arts Council Artist
- Art Piece hanging at the Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Ft. Totten, ND 2014
- Graphic Designer for Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff AZ
- Graphic Designer Mirror Images Printing Center, Flagstaff AZ

You'll also find more on my facebook page gallery of photos. Oh, and incase your wondering why "Gleason" pops up here and there. It's my maiden name.

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