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Jennifer N. Parker

Pastel Portraits

Logo Designs

P: (701) 381-9747 (Text only, very rural)
E: jennifer@gleasondesign.net
FB: Jennifer Parker Art
Best way to contact me: Through FB or texting me.

Logos: $125; Graphic Design $85/hr.

Paintings: Roughly $1.75/sq.in. or a minimum of $140 for canvases under 8x10. Depends on detail and time (eg: more than one person in a portrait).*

Pastels: 9x12 $1.25/sq.in.

* I will need a good photo(s) to work off of (high resolution digital preferred). Willing to work with you depending on need etc.

Murals: $20/sq.ft.

- All works require 1/2 down

- See Facebook page for events

300dpi or more in original pic is best for portraits.
Zoom into your pic and choose a detail like the eye. It should look like the high resolution pic.

Jennifer Parker Art Policy
Subject to change at anytime


• Half down deposit is required before starting, rest on completion.
• I obtain copyright of design. Signing a copyright release may be necessary, depending on what you will do with artwork.
• If for any reason not satisfied I retain deposit and painting.
• At any time additional costs may occur. EG: Repainting of an area will cost paint and time because professional quality paints are being used.
• Pictures given for reference must be in high resolution with no pixelation. I can turn down photo at any time.
• Deadline is approximate, unless a contract is written and signed.
• Send pics via wetransfer or dropbox to jennifer@gleasondesign.net


• Will need a visual idea of what you'd like. Quick little sketch.
• Half down required.
• Three concepts of your idea to choose from and we'll go from there.
• Deadline is approximate, unless a contract is written and signed.

Sales are final. No returns unless you'd like to gift the work back to the artist.

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